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Holy Fool

I am a fool

I look beyond reason

I stray beyond logic

I dance when I should cry

I weep when I should party

I am fool of joy for the things I don't know

I am past caring about the things I do know

I love someone I've never seen

I admire people who I know are a mess

I hope things are fragile, I just don't trust stability

I long for the future and I love each step toward it

I walk the earth but I dream of the heavens

I know I am special because of my ordinariness

I find chaos confusing and confusion creative

I am of no influence yet I strive to make a difference

I have no voice yet I shout from the rooftops

I live a life that's a joke with a serious punchline

I am a poet who's lost for words

I love the world that turns its back on all that matters to me

I want to embrace the people who want to hurt me

I pray for those who hate me

I serve one who knelt and washed feet

I live for a deity who died for me

I am an innocent because I know what I've done wrong

I am free because my heart's not my own

I am strong because I am broken

I found God in a "Godless" place

I am a faithful rascal

I am an ordinary radical

I am a fool for God

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